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Enjoy the best
business club for owners and executives in South Florida!

I have to say it like it is: Our Elite events are a gathering of people in the position to make decisions for their own company, as well as recommend and influence the people in their circles and community. Being able to present your company to this audience, in a relaxed and happy surrounding is priceless!  (Well, not really….scroll down for pricing….)


* Signage on Tables for Live Events

* Advertisement in Weekly Meeting Newsletter sent to over 11,600 recipients


All features of the Bronze package, PLUS:

* Flyers or Cards on Table/Seats at live Events
* 5 Minute presentation at Breakout Meeting with 5 minutes of Q&A


All features of the Silver package, PLUS:

* Signage on Host’s background during Zoom meetings

*Flyers or Cards on Table

*Hand out Swag/Takeaways
*10  Minute Presentation with 5 minutes Q&A at Breakout Meeting

Become a sponsor. Present your company to the best possible audience.

Call Mark at 561-572-0233 or click the Contact Us button to set a Zoom meeting that works for your schedule.