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Slingshot Method Inc.

Slingshot Method Inc.

Former 20+ year CEO, Cathleen is an ICF Certified Life, Executive and Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker helping clients to earn more income while achieving an abundant personal life. Life is more than work, and work is richer when the focus in on why we do what we do.

Most clients approach me because they know that they are capable of so much more but something is standing between where they are and where they want to be. On average, my clients increase their Sales and Business income by more than 25.3% and many clients have exceeded a 100% increase year over year.

But, more than achieving success based on an income number, my passion is working with clients that want to build lives of impact; professionally, personally and potentially in every pillar of life and business. The clients that get the most value out of working with me are interested in becoming world changers by designing a life of impact and being intentional about the mark they make on the world today and the legacy they leave tomorrow.

I use a proven system and a proprietary method. But, more than anything else, my experiences, gifts, talents and abilities have given me insight into human potential and the skill of empowering my clients to do exactly what you have in mind to do.