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Palm Beach Elite Networking Member Survey

Palm Beach Elite Networking Member Survey

Welcome to your Palm Beach Elite Networking Member Survey

How many meetings have you attended?

This includes online and in-person meetings.

What is your most valuable takeaway(s)?

What is the your best day of the week for meetings? (Please comment on your choice of Morning, Noon, End of Day)

What do you like best about the group?

What do you like least about the group?

Would you like to do a 10-15 minute presentation to the group?

Please list workshop topics you would like to learn about:

Would you be interested in sponsoring the group?

Are you interested in listing your business on our Membership Directory, visible to the public and Google (SEO)?

Would you like us to track attendance, referrals, and closed deals from referrals?

Please tell us how we can improve the group for you, or leave us a testimonial:

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